Staffing at Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School 2017

Administration Staff
Position   Staff Member
Principal   Steve Dowie
Assistant Principal Religious Education Mauricio Da Silva
Assistant Principal Curriculum and Education Support Lisa Boyle
Assistant Principal Early Childhood Administration Deborah Addison
Principal’s Personal Assistant   Grace Walsh
Receptionist   Susan Shoesmith
Assistant Principal’s Personal Assistant Anita Lorimer
Bursar   Faith Dickson
Financial Assistant   Rhiannon Vreeken
Classroom Teaching Staff
Year Level Teacher Assistants
Pre-Kindy Tracey Levien-Ball Alicia Baeli
Kindy Blue Ginny Towie Leanne Maxwell
    Jill Lutey
Kindy Gold Alyson Whiteman Liz Jacob
    Ann Dodd
Kindy White Patricia Landro Annemaree Smith
    Linda McGhee
Pre Primary Blue Natalie Palermo Anna Soares
Pre Primary Gold Claire Goldie Rebecca Carroll
    Annemaree Smith
Pre Primary White Zoe-Asha Williams Diana Bywater
Year One Blue Michelle Quayle Rebecca Dal Bello
Year One Gold Jessica May Deborah O’Kelly
Year One White Elle Nicole Cheryl Falconer
Year Two Blue Aithne Dell  
Year Two Gold Kaylee U’Chong  
Year Two White Kristina Garrett & Lisa Poprzeczny  
Year Three Blue Natalie Smith  
Year Three Gold Yvette Thomas  
Year Three White Matthew Stewart  
Year Four Blue Angela Harris  
Year Four Gold Deborah Thomas  
Year Four White Michelle Kelly  
Year Five Blue Candice Crockett  
Year Five Gold Linda Shaw  
Year Five White Hannah Girling  
Year Six Blue Mark Dixon  
Year Six Gold Claire Watson  
Year Six White Yvonne Chaniotis  
Specialist Staff
Area Teacher / Staff Member Assistant
Curriculum Co-ordinator Loret Strachan  
Education Support Tanya Hughes Jodie Glass
  Margaret Boyle Bonny Wilson
    Amanda Webster
    Rebecca Donnelly
Music Jane King  
LOTE – Indonesian Peter Sanders  
Sport and Physical Education Bernardo Garotte  
Information Technology/ Library Charissa Quartermain  Vikki Hansson
    Jen Crosby
HASS Cheryl Thomas
Science Joe Visser  
DSTA Melissa Dredge
AFaFE (Indigenous Playgroup) Tamara Lacroix Rhys Collard
Indigenous Education Support   Rhys Collard
School Psychologist Diann Kerr  
Groundsperson Bruce Gorrill Monday-Wednesday  
  Paul Connop Thursday-Friday  
Canteen Tracey Skipworth  
Uniform Shop Bernie Coates  
Star of the Sea Out of School
OSHC Supervisor Lesley Craggs  
OSHC Educator Sandra McGaw  
OSHC Educator Maria Sims  
OSHC Administrator Elise Carroll