Sorry Day

by / Tuesday, 02 June 2015 / Published in News

On Monday 25th May we held a very powerful assembly to mark national Sorry Day. I continue to be impressed by the way the children really show understanding for these important days in the national calendar. They bring a sense of reverence and respect that seems to be intuitive but I am sure is also a reflection of family, school and national values. Thanks to everyone for the way the assembly honoured and called to mind this important day.

– Mr Tim Emery

Our Sorry Day assembly also included a wonderful performance by the choir. Many teachers and parents commenting on how beautifully the children sang. The choir led the school in a Noongar song called “Wanjoo” and sang the Sorry Song. Also a very big thank you to our very special guest Mr Tom Little who said the ‘Welcome to Country’ in Noongar and gave an amazing performance on the didgeridoo. He also sang a couple of very moving songs about the stolen generation. Mrs Linda Shaw was the creative influence on our outstanding Sorry Day banner that now proudly hangs on the wall in reception… you can’t miss it, come and have a look! She spent many hours after school constructing the art piece that displays the handprints from children in the school, around the sun of the Aboriginal Flag, creating a stunning flower. It symbolizes how through love and understanding we can all work together to make a difference and create a better future for all.

Thank you also to the Year 5 and 6 students who ran the Sorry Day assembly.

Sorry Day 2015Sorry Day 2015