Religious Education

In addition to the West Australian Curriculum, the Religious Education Units of Curriculum mandated by Bishop of the Diocese are also taught. Star of the Sea Primary School uses the CEO Religious Education Guidelines in Years PP-6. Classes from Pre Primary to Year 1 have a 15 minute Religion lesson each day. Year 2 to Year 6 have a 30 minute Religion lesson each day.

Parents receive a short letter at the commencement of each RE Unit so you can further support the teaching of Religion at home.

In Kindy and Pre Kindy, Religious Education must be presented to children in a way that is appropriate to their psychological development. God should be included in day to day experiences. Content such as that from a Gospel story is presented with visual aids such as peg people and props. These props are left available for the children to play with and retell the story. Prayer should be presented in a way that is relative to their lives. For example, when the teacher says “Good morning” to the class, there is also some else the children should say good morning to and that is God through prayer. “Let’s say good morning to God.”

Formal and informal prayers are taught throughout the school.

RE. Sacramental Units are completed in line with the Parish Sacramental Programme i.e. whenever students are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, students throughout the school will complete the unit linked with this Sacrament.

Follow this link to see the 2018 Sacramental Program for our school.

While special feasts and occasions are not part of the Religious Education units of work they are incorporated into the day at school to ensure they are remembered and treated in an appropriate manner. Where possible these are linked to the Religion Unit or Class theme.

Please visit the below link to CEOWA for more detailed information about Religious Education in WA Catholic schools.

Catholic Education Office of Western Australia