We have been trying for some time to create a Play Pod for the children.  We have purchased a sea container and the idea is that we will fill it with lots of “safe junk” that the children can pull out at lunch times and create all sorts of things with it.  They will put

Sorry Day

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 by

On Monday 25th May we held a very powerful assembly to mark national Sorry Day. I continue to be impressed by the way the children really show understanding for these important days in the national calendar. They bring a sense of reverence and respect that seems to be intuitive but I am sure is also

New School Principal – Memo to parents & students

Please follow the link to our General Policies page to see the latest policy for head lice.      

Please be advised that the PDF explaining how to set up an iPad in the ICT menu has been updated to include Enabling Location Services and setting up Guided Access as requested in feedback from parents at our parent information workshops. Many thanks to all those who attended and thanks for your questions and feedback