Star of the Sea Canteen complies with the WA School Canteen Association Guidelines.  Star of the Sea Canteen is a Four Star Accredited Canteen.


The Healthy Food and Drink Choices Policy was introduced in 2006, by the WA Government. It is sometimes called “The Traffic Light System”, as foods are categorised Green, Amber and Red.

“Green” foods are everyday choices (fruit and veg, breads, lean meats, low fat dairy etc)

“Amber” foods should be selected carefully or limited from your daily intake (restrictions will apply to Amber products in this canteen—And, only ONE serve will be allowed, unless stated).

“Red” foods are high in fat and sugar and will not be available in this canteen.



Online ordering can be done through QuickCliq

Alternatively the same items can still be purchased over the counter

** Special for the Winter Olympics until 23 Feb 2018   2018 Winter Olympics Menu


For further information or any queries please


Tracy Skipworth
Canteen Manager

9553 9526  (8.00 am to 2.00 pm)



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